Reprint Prices

Studio Print: Our most economical choice. These prints are retouched to remove facial shine, eye bags, and facial lines.  Additional charge may be required to slim the body, remove double chins, remove people in the background, etc.

Masterpiece Print:  ”Our Very Best!” These superb portrait prints are returned to you completely finished, from very fine negative retouching to flattering print finishing. Retouching includes slimming the face, arms, hips, and waist, and removal of double chins, facial shine, eye bags, and facial lines.  The larger sizes are usually printed on a Canvas material and sprayed with a lacquer spray for protection.  These prints have our highest quality of retouching and finishing giving you a portrait worthy of hanging in your home as a treasured art piece.

Size Studio Masterpiece
40x60 $3,292.50
30x60 $2,355.00
24x30 $1,642.50
24x24 $1,642.50
20x20 $1,342.50
16x20 $495.00 $899.00
11x14 $165.00 $340.00
10x10 $79.00 $255.00
8x10 $70.00 $255.00
5x7 $44.00 $255.00
5x5 $35.00 $255.00
4x5 or 4x6 $35.00 $255.00
* Wallet size: $22.00 for 8 wallets from one negative (minimum order)
Last Updated: 06/06

Note: Colors of reprints will not match the exact color balance and/or tone of the prints in the wedding album unless original prints are sent back to us for matching color balance/tone or ordered at the same time with the wedding album. Please specify if you wish to have horizontal or vertical cropping on all rectangular prints; otherwise we will use our best judgment.

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    President (1996)
  • International Christian Photographers
  • Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

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